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GFS Chemicals - Call 877-534-0795 or Order online. Analytical, Reagents, Organic, Inorganic and more, small bottle and bulk. Welcome! Get Purchasing Rights Search for Keywords In this part of the site: Entire Site MSDS catalog glossary tech library GFS Developing a Replacement for Hexavalent Chromium High Valence and Low Valence Metal Chemistries from GFS GFS Chemicals is expanding the In-spec product line Free New Organics Catalog Available from GFS Trade Shows Q . I have seen a number of Inquire items in the GFS catalog. What is the difference between an Inquire item and a custom synthesis? Chat with us using our secure, live messaging system GFS Chemicals ? Real People with Real Answers Since we started manufacturing specialty chemicals in 1928 as the G. Frederick Smith Chemical Company, we have been the single source for a wide variety of organic and inorganic chemicals. Chemists have always known they can count on GFS to get the technical assistance they need. Read more about our top-notch customer service >> Whether you are interested in Organic products, analytical reagents and solutions, inorganic specialties, chromatography, perchloric acids and salts, turbidity standards, Farchan organics, Karl Fischer reagents, water purity standards, laboratory supplies, or more, chemists have come to rely on our innovative chemistries and advanced technologies. Read more about our advanced specialties >> GFS Chemicals - The High Impact, High Value Difference Analytical ? Calibration standards for turbidimeters and spectrophotometers. Organic ? specialty Grignard reagents including alkynyl magnesium halides. FARCHAN acetylenic, olefinic and silyl- intermediates; plus phenanthrolines, bipyridines, triazines, porphines, ionophores and many other ligands and their metal complexes. Bio-materials ? single phase tricalcium phosphate for research in bone supplement compounds and agents. Inorganic Specialty Chemicals and Materials - especially perchloric acid, perchlorates and Rare Earth salts and solutions. Chrom
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