Glen Mills
395 Allwood Rd 
Clifton NJ New Jersey
United States 07011
Phone: +1 973 471 7588, Fax: +1 973 471 7584
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Testing Instruments and Supplies
Glen Mills Inc.: Turbula, Grinding, Sampling North American distributor Willy A. Bachofen AG Maschinenfabrik Retsch North American Distributor North American distributor Essa Australia Ltd Glen Mills Inc. 220 Delawanna Avenue Clifton, New Jersey 07014 Tel: 973.777.0777 Fax: 973.777.0070 E-mail: Directions to our offices and lab in Clifton, NJ. Click here for dry grinding equipment Click here for sampling equipment Click here for sieving equipment and sieves Not sure where to find what you are looking for? Search the entire Glen Mills web site here! Powder Blending With The Turbula Shaker-Mixer Mixing to perfection with interchangeable containers. Dry Milling, And Comminution Equipment Every type of mill: hammer, pin, toothed, blast, etc. Wet Milling, Wet Milling And Comminution Equipment Bead mills, rotor-stator homogenizers, ultrasonic devices. Sample Dividers, Rifflers And Sample Splitters The value of analysis depends on truly representative samples. Grinding Media, Beads, Balls, Spheres, Micro-Media Several thousand materials/sizes for horizontal, vertical, ball, jar, and basket mills. Cell Disruptors, Tissue Grinders, Homogenizers - Dyno-Mill Biotechnology: bacteria, yeast, algae, plants, tissues; Foods; Pharmaceuticals.