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GSA Resources
PO Box 509 
Cortaro AZ Arizona
United States 85652
Phone: +1 520 744 8845, Fax: +1 520 744 7770
Tags: Mining Drilling Mineral Exploration Extraction Industrial Minerals
Mining and Drilling Mineral Exploration and Extraction Industrial Minerals
GSA Resources, Inc. Home Page - GSA Resources, Inc. produces the CABSORB(r) product line of zeolites, and specialty clay products. Welcome to GSA Resources, Inc. We are the recognized world leader in the development of industrial, consumer and environmental applications for zeolites. NEW: Newsletter Subscribe Unsubscribe Read Previous Issues As a primary supplier of zeolite minerals, GSA's corporate strategy is focused on the development of specialty and " Proprietary" applications that utilize these unique natural minerals. Our purpose is to provide an overview of the unique Zeolite minerals, Chabazite and Clinoptilolite . In addition we will provide you with information on the known Applications , and Industries that utilize the Products and Services of GSA Resources, Inc. The number of Applications that Zeolites can be used in is extensive. We believe that a good place to start is with our Applications Page and from there you can learn more About GSA Resources, Inc. , it products and capabilities Thank you, for stopping here at GSA Resources, Inc. If you believe you have an application that can use our products, or would like additional information about How We Can Help , we would like to hear from you, so please call us or fill out the information below. GSA PRODUCT LINE Zeolites Surface Modified/Specialty Minerals Montmorillonites
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