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Safety glasses, eye wash and eyewear lens cleaners from H.L. Bouton Many tasks generate flying debris which can seriously injure the eyes. A safety spectacle with a strong polycarbonate lens, optically correct side shields and an ANSI compliant frame with brow bar, will protect eyes in all three directions . Ultraviolet ( UV ) rays are present in ordinary sunlight but can cause great damage to theeyes. Over prolonged periods of exposure, cataracts can form, the retina can be damaged, and eyesight will be impaired. A polycarbonate lens will filter out 100% of harmful UV radiation . Liquid Splash refers to both harmful chemicals and bodily fluids. Different substances and working conditions will require different protection features. For example, spectacles alone will not protect against splashes of gasoline, solvents or infected blood. For this, goggles are the first line of defense. It may also be advisable to add a faceshield over the goggles as secondary protection. Infrared Radiation (IR) is invisible and emanates from sources such as torch welding and cutting. IR rays can damage the cornea and retina of the eye, in extreme cases causing blindness. An IR lens is required to protect eyes from IR rays, with the proper IR lens shade selected for the task being performed. Matching IR sideshields can be used to block out rays peripherally. COMPANY INFORMATION About US / History Press Releases Links SAFETY GLASSES Shark Hunter Series UFO Series Bold Series Single Lens Safety Spectacles Dual Lens Safety Spectacles Metal Frame Safety Spectacles Safety Reading Glasses GOGGLES YOUTH PRODUCTS EMERGENCY EYEWASH Primary Eyewash Stations Personal Eyewash Stations First Aid Wash and Cups Additional Supplies and Refills LENSCLEAN Permanent Lens Cleaning Stations Disposable Lens Cleaning Stations SafetyClean Pre-Moistened Towelettes Safety Clean Handi-Pak Pop-Up Lens Cleaning Tissues Liquid Cleaners MSDS SHEETS Lens Clean MSDS K-Lens-M MSDS Wilkins Lens Cleaner MSDS ACCESSORIES FACESHIELDS PHOTO LIBRARY CONTACT INFORMATION HOM
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