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Highpower Security Products, Llc
290 Pratt Street 4th Floor 
Meriden CT Connecticut
United States 06450
Phone: +1 203 634 3900
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Doors and Windows Security - Locks and Access Control
Electromagnetic Locks, Access Controls, Push Switches, Power Supplies, Card Readers and Security Equipment Highpower Security Products is an American manufacturer of High Performance Access Controls and Security Equipment. Our company also provides design assistance of complete access control systems. We invite you to discover the time-saving features, extreme durability and solid performance that our products provide! See the Highpower Products Catalog in PDF format. Factory sales hours: 10:00a - 12:00p 1:30p - 5:30p Eastern Standard Time, Mon-Fri. Call 800-991-3646 . Electromagnetic Locks Push Switches Door Controllers Power Supplies Proximity Card Readers Magnetic Stripe Readers Stand Alone Barcode Readers Surface Mounted Controls Card Printers Door Control Software Information Overview of Highpower's Access Control Systems Electromagnetic Locks Overview DS-1200 DS-1200-TJ Door Control Kits Highpower 3000 Integra32 Highpower 8000 HMS Access Controls Overview Pushplate 100 Pushplate 100 PN Pushplate 110 Pushplate 110 PN Pushplate 120 Pushplate 120 PN Proximity Readers Bar Code Readers Mag-Stripe Readers 126 Surface Controls 750 Pneumatic Switch Power Supplies Overview Lightning 505 Lightning 2000 Smart Series Readers Smart Slot J Smart Bar J Magbar J Smart Slot SA Smart Mag SA Smart Slot STA Smart Mag STA Smart Prox J Smart Prox SA Smart Prox STA Software HMS Proximity Card Readers P300 / P300-H P400 / P400-H P500 / P500-H P600 / P600-H P700 / P700-H Card Printers Dualys Pebble Tattoo Other A Brief Look at Highpower's Manufacturing Facility Find an Authorized Highpower Distributor ACCESS CONTROL KITS WITH PROXIMITY CARD READERS Highpower controllers are reliable, and provide a complete platform for implementing access control systems using proximity card, bar code, magnetic stripe or biometric technologies. HIGHPOWER PUSHPLATE PRODUCTS The most rugged and durable switches available, our push buttons are used as an exit device. Time-delayed versions use Highpower's proprietary ultra-rugged pneumatic switch desig
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