Hollingsworth & Vose Company
112 Washington St 
East Walpole MA Massachusetts
United States 02032
Phone: +1 508 668 0295, Fax: +1 508 660 2168
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Textiles and Nonwovens Nonwovens Spunbond, Spunlace and Meltblown
Hollingsworth and Vose ');return true;}LoadMenus(); Building value through fibrous materials technology... Hollingsworth & Vose Company's technical, filter, and specialty papers, nonwovens, and advanced composites are driving higher performance in many industries. Our Research and Development team can help you create competitive advantage by applying our deep knowledge and experience in materials technology. We make products that benefit the air we breathe, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, and the places we live and work. Hollingsworth & Vose Company 112 Washington Street East Walpole, MA 02032 US Phone: (1) 508-850-2000 Fax: (1) 508-668-3557 Send E-mail: info@hovo.com Product / Application Finder Product | Application Selector Acoustical barrier material Activated carbon nonwovens Adhesive backing Adhesive coated window covering linings Adhesive coating base Advanced Fiber Nonwovens AFN Air filter media Air treatment system materials Alkaline manganese battery separator AlphaPerm filtration media Analytical/biotechnology Antimicrobial Media Automotive air filter media Automotive fuel filter media Automotive head gasket Automotive lube filter media Automotive soft gasket Battery separator Buckram (drapery) Cabin air filter media Canoes and golf club shafts Capofilter Carbon nonwoven mat Cellular shade fabrics Circuit board substrates Cleanroom Coalescer Commission custom laminating Composite adhesive carrier Composite automatic transmission Composite blackout window coverings Composite mats Composite reinforcement Composite sealing materials Composite surfacing veil Composite thermal/acoustic barrier Copier wipe material Cut away embroidery backing Disk liner material Electromagnetic shielding Embroidery backing EMI shielding nonwovens Employment Engineered composite materials Engine filtration Evaporative pad Exhaust liner Fastock FiberRich filter media Filter Media Filtration Flocking base Floppy disk liner Fuel filter media Garment care label stock Gas turbine air filter Gasket materials – head as