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Houghton International Inc. - Home Products Services Resources News & Events Employment About Us Home Search MSDS Products Welcome Since 1865, Houghton International has introduced hundreds of solutions for industry — from aqueous technology that combines the safety of Water with excellent lubrication, to advanced anhydrous synthetics that lower operating costs. Today, we ARE the foremost provider of rolling fluids, lubricants, cleaners, hydraulic fluids, quenchants, coolants, forming compounds, conversion coatings, rust preventatives, and other industrial fluids. Our service offering, known as FLUIDCARE, is a complete chemical management program. FLUIDCARE helps optimize chemical use in your plant by ensuring that just the right amount of precisely the right fluid is used. This proven approach enables you to streamline your processes and boost productivity, dramatically reducing costs. Hocut? 795 Get the stink out of your sump with Hocut 795 metalworking coolant. Read more... Contact Us We're always available to answer your questions or help with product information, whatever your industry application. Call us directly during business hours at (610) 666-4000, or send your question by fax: (610) 666-1376. You may also email us by clicking here: Read more... The Houghton Line Read all about it in The Houghton Line our on-line journal of general-interest reading for corporate executives, published each quarter by Houghton International, Inc. The Houghton Line is the oldest continuously published industrial house organ in the United States. Read more... Latest News Houghton Releases New Metal Forming Brochure Houghton Introduces QUENCH-KLEEN? 5343 Spray Cleaner for Heat Treating Applications American Axle & Manufacturing Contracts with Houghton for Fluid Management New Biostable Polymer Quenchant for Steel Alloys Pratt & Whitney approves Houghton Hocut 795-B for its own facilities, its suppliers and subcontractors Contact Us © 2007 Houghton International Inc.
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