Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc.
23 Meter St 
Penacook NH New Hampshire
United States 03303
Phone: +1 603 753 6321, Fax: +1 603 753 9592
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Electronics and Electrical Test and Measurement
Hoyt Electrical Test Equipment 800-258-3652 About Hoyt Cart Clients Reps Links DCK-920 A Multi-Function 2.5 Digital Meter Series bringing with it an LED Display Technology that consists of 3 Digits with an easy to read height of 0.38"! KWH Hoyt Meter carries a wide variety of kWh meters from the standard electromechanical meter to the revolutionary new design of Electronic and Multi Rail & Rail RTU meters. read all news Search by Category Test Equipment Dataloggers Meters Transducers Relays and Timers Controllers Pyrometers Transformers Gauges Accessories Elumination Sensors Search by Product Name Process110 Process101 RFRTDTemp101A Cryo-Temp RFTC4000A RFTemp101A RFRHTemp101A RFVolt101A IFC110 RFPulse101A RFProcess101A RFpHTemp101A RFC101A USB-1 USB101 IFC300 MicroRHTemp IFC102 IFC202 PDA102 SR1154W RHTemp1000 RHTemp1000-SS IFC200 PDA101 RHTemp1000IS RHTemp1000IS-SS RHTemp101 RHTemp110 TempRetrieverRH TransiTemp-RH TransiTemp-RH-Multi WineSafe RFRHTemp101A OctProcess RFEXT-BASE RFEXT-EXPANSION RFEXT-KIT LTC-7PN Pulse110 Waterbox110 Waterbox110C Anemometer Pulse101 RFPulse101A Event110 RainGauge Event101 OctVolt 7001-CO2 Monitor Cable2070 U9VL-J QuadVolt Volt101 Volt110 RFVolt101A PRHTemp101 Tibbo DS202R PRHTemp110 PRTemp1000 PRTemp1000IS PRTemp101 PRTemp110 PRTrans1000 TLH-2150 PRTrans1000IS QuadProcess RFProcess101A OctState QuadState State101 State110 Shock101 Shock101-EB SVR101 UltraShock UltraShock-EB Level1000 Level2000 pHTemp101