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Polymers Processing Methods Molding Injection Molding
Custom Plastic Injection Molding Medical Molding Cleanroom Molding Hy-Ten is a full service custom plastic injection molding supplier that specializes in tight tolerance plastic molding and related value added services. Serving the medical, electronic, industrial, and consumer industries for over 40 years, we provide plastic injection molding solutions in every point of the value chain - from concept through launch and sustaining supply - we drive to provide the resources that ensure your success. We have the expertise, partners, and systems to provide robust design, quality tooling and precision injection molding for your company. Our medical molding solutions include blood filtration, IV drip valves, and complex disposable assemblies. Plastic Enclosures include hand-held printer assemblies, electronic and chemical analyzers, and wireless communication housing. Industrial solutions have involved solving difficult industrial problems involving molded in bearings, thick walled parts, and filtration system components. Hy-Ten has a Class 8 (100,000) clean room and is ISO 9001:2000 certified as well as FDA and UL registered. Company | Services | Hy-Ten Asia | Clean Room | Case Studies | Contact | Sitemap © 2006 Hy-Ten Plastics, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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