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Manufacturer of In-Line and Off-Line Digital Case Printers. - Iconotech Iconotech fulfills shipping case marking and coding requirements with its line of box printers, bar code systems, case printers and bag printing machines. Printing the outer case is simple, economical, and reliable with Iconotech's one-of-a-kind digital printing technology. Barcode Printers and Case Printing Equipment If you are looking for Pre-print quality print, guaranteed barcodes, a 32" x 11" print field for a fraction of a penny per print......you are in the right place! With Iconotech, you get the best marks at the lowest price. How much can we save you? The Optimizer - Case Printing System The workhorse of the line is the Optimizer. The heavy-duty shuttle feed system pushes up to 60 cases through per minute. A restacker and return conveyor complete the printing system for maximum productivity. With many operator-friendly features, the Iconotech Optimizer will make light work of your case marking and coding requirements. >> Read more The Customizer - Box and Bag Printer Offering the ultimate in flexibility, the Customizer can print just about anything made of Kraft paper from corrugated cases to multi-wall bags. This hand-fed unit is ideal for printed short run custom made boxes because of the simplicity of making new print images. It can also be automated for integration directly into the packaging line. >> Read more The Maximizer - Bag Printing System With its powerful vacuum feeder, the Maximizer easily handles multi-wall Kraft bags or thin sheets such as die-cuts and blanks. Printing directly on the bag eliminates the expense of large labels containing content lists such as ingredients. Obsolescent inventories of pre-printed bags or labels are a thing of the past. >> Read more The Sidewinder - Bar Code Printer The Sidewinder in-line digital case printer uses Iconotech's unique computer generated imaging film which allows exacting placement of very high resolution print anywhere within the print area, including tex