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Electronics and Electrical Transformers and Inductors Inductors and Coils
Central Technologies Specializing in... Inductors, Chokes, Coils, Beads, Toroids, DC/DC Converters, Transformers, Filters, Antennas, Resistors, & Telecommunications, xDSL & LAN Components Featured Products Thin Film Passivated NiCr Resistor CTTFR Series Click to view products Thick Film Passivated NiCr Resistor CTTKFR Series Click to view products Multi-layer Chip Capacitor CTMCC Series Click to view products Chip Solid Tantalum Capacitor CTTCC Series Click to view products Integrated RJ45 Magnetic Connectors Various Series' Available Click to view products CTDA13AF & CTDA14AF Power Inductors for Digital Amplifiers Click to view products Announcements Concerning Counterfeit Parts. Click Here for more information. Custom Products Need a Custom Transformer, Toroid, or Modification to a Standard Part? For more information call 800-684-5322 / 949-453-1811 or email us at RoHS Compliant Products RoHS Compliant Product Information. Click here , or contact us by email . Please click on the logo for a list of products that are RoHS Compliant. Distributors & Representatives Domestic International CT Has Added A New Distributor Supporting Europe (excluding Great Britain) Please Welcome... Karl Kruse and Klaus P. Kruse with Karl Kruse GmbH & Co. KG For contact information please click here . Trade Shows Some of the trade shows we exhibit at are co-opped with our Master Distributor, Inductors Inc. For more information on Inductors Inc., please visit No Shows Scheduled at this time. Please check back later. Request A Catalog CT Series Search 10 BASE 16 PIN SMD SMALL SIZE 10 BASE T 16 PIN DIP 10 BASE T LOW PASS FILTER 16 PIN DIP 10 BASE T LOW PASS FILTER 16 PIN SMD 10/100 BASE 16 PIN DIP 10/100 BASE 16 PIN SMD 10/100 BASE 16 PIN SMD SMALL SIZE 10/100 Base 40 Pin (SMD) 10/100 BASE FOR PCMCIA 10/100 BASE QUAD PORT 40 PIN SMD 1000 Base 24 Pin (SMD) CT0402CSF CT0443164251 CT0603CSF CT0603HC CT0603LS CT0805CSF CT0805FSF CT0805HQ CT0805HT CT0805LSF CT1008CSF CT1008HQF CT1008LS