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EAM - Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies for OEMs EA Magnetics Magnetic Assemblies Alnico Magnets Ceramic Magnets Compression Bonded Neodymium Injection Molded Neodymium and Ferrite Samarium Cobalt Sintered Neodymium Flexible Magnets ? Login to supply and review project info, drawings, price quotes, etc. ( Quote form ) ? About EA Magnetics ? Case Studies ? Quality Certifications ? Product Photos ? Download Library ? Magnetic FAQs - ? Magnetization Options ? Price quote - ? Contact us with inquiries - ? Register for total access... SEARCH EA Magnetics Site Map EA Magnetics Welcome to EA Magnetics ? Service, Price and Quality! We supply all kinds of magnets and magnetic assemblies to all types of industries around the world. With facilities in the USA and abroad, EAM experienced technicians can supply your product on time and in budget. Tell us about your project ? EA Magnetic's technicians and production experts can contribute valuable time and cost saving measures at any stage of your project. Whether you are currently designing, developing or in production, EAM can make a difference. Find the right stuff ? How many magnets in a car? There are many types of magnets. Magnetic materials and assembly methods offer many variables. EA Magnetics' long experience across a variety of industries provides a reliable source for the optimal selection. More magnet info! Call EA Magnetics toll-free 1-800-227-6835 Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM EST. Please email us anytime or view complete contact info . OF INTEREST: Quality Control - our certifications and quality control procedures. Fast Price Quote - know what you need? Expedite the process... Document Library - magnet and company info. EA Magnetics factory complex in Newtown, PA. More info... EA Magnetics supplies magnets and magnetic assemblies to OEMs in all types of industries. Alnico, bonded ferrite, ceramic magnets, flexible magnets and magnet components for electronics and actuating devices. Our manufacturing capabilities include advanced magnetic modeling and chara