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Injectorall Electronics Corp. - Printed Circuit Boards Electronics Corp. Make Your Own Printed Circuit Boards Fast - Easy - Inexpensive!!! [ Home | Products & Services | Instruction Sheets | MSDS Sheets ] [ Online Price Sheet | Tech Sheets | Authorized Distributors ] [ Order Form | Frequently Asked Questions ] See our new Specials at closeout prices Try Our NEW Kit 850 Single-Sided PC Board Kit Special Price only $ 45.00 AND Our New Kit 750P Double-Sided PC Board Kit Special Price only $ 50.00 Kepro Customers Welcome!! Having trouble finding a source for your discontinued Kepro Board material? We carry a huge selection of uncoated material, and will meet or beat the price you were paying. We welcome you to INJECTORALL Quality Products and Services Injectorall Electronics tries to be a competitive supplier of copper clad laminate material. E-mail us with any legitimately advertised price on unsensitized or sensitized boards and we will meet or beat it. Injectorall Electronics was established in 1955 on the principles of quality products and services. Providing copper clad printed circuit boards to the Electronics Industry since 1969, we are familiar with the needs of our customers. Injectorall Electronics offers the largest selection of uncoated and precoated copper clad printed circuit boards anywhere . Our FR4 boards are first-quality material. They are certified to MIL-S-13949-H. The substrates vary from .005" to .062". Standard sizes for uncoated material are from 3" x 4.5" to 3' x 4'. Special cuts are available upon request at no extra charge. If you do not see the printed circuit boards that you need, JUST ASK . We are the only manufacturer in the world who offers positively sensitized printed circuit boards in an 18" x 18" size. Using our positively sensitized copper clad boards, our customers are able to achieve .005" lines spaced as close together as .005" . Our customers achieve professional results themselves by using our products. During regular office hours, our
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