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Anaheim CA California
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Phone: +1 508 795 5551
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Innovative Organics - Home Home About Us News & Events Library Locations Contact Us Product -- Aerospace Ceramics Hard Disk Drive MEMS/Nano-Tech Metalworking Optics/Electro-Optics Semiconductor -- -- Abrasive Slurries Cleaners Coolants Lapping Vehicle Lubricants Polishing Pads Polishing Slurries / Particles Specialty Fluids / Others Wire Slicing Vehicle By Markets By Categories All Product Data Sheets Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Product Selection Guide Related Web Sites Innovative Organics Precision Fluids, Lubricants, Slurries and Cleaners for High-Tolerance Machining Innovative Organics develops and manufactures biodegradable coolants , lubricants , abrasive slurries , cleaners , and specialty fluids for use in a wide variety of industries. Every product we manufacture is formulated to lubricate, lap, polish, cut or clean better than any competitive product on the market. Our technical emphasis is centered on the development and manufacture of precision consumable products with consistent quality that meets the technical challenges of our customers while protecting operator safety and the environment. Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by our ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Standard Certification . Flash movie. Events DISKCON USA 2007 September 19-20, 2007 Santa Clara, CA
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