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Additives Food Colors
International Foodcraft Corporation - food dye, food color, aluminum lakes, color dispersions, liquid colors, candy color, cosmetic color, Kosher color, lake dispersions & more Tel: (908) 862-8810 • Fax: (908) 862-8825 1601 E. Linden Ave. • Linden, NJ 07036 Toll Free: (800) 875-9393 Email: Home Contact Us Site Map Product Line Summary Color Products Summary Food Color Concentrates Guide Food Release Agents & Anti-Stick Lubricants Contract Ingredient Blending Natural Color Offerings Request Samples New Products International Foodcraft has been manufacturing quality ingredients and processing aids for the food, confectionery and cosmetic industries since 1939. We produce two basic families of products: Color and Color Concentrates Primarily for use in food coloring and cosmetics Release Agents/Anti-Stick Lubricants Primarily for use in food processing We also do: Contract Ingredient Blending In Liquid, Paste, Powder and Tablet formats - using your ingredients or ours. COLOR and COLOR CONCENTRATES We make using color easier and a lot less expensive! If your manufacturing process requires that color be pre-dispersed into a carrying agent before being introduced to your product (panning is an example) or if you don't want the mess associated with using dyes in powder form, our COLOREZE™ Color Concentrates are just what you're looking for! At International Foodcraft, we specialize in dispersing color into FDA approved ingredients to develop unique, high quality color concentrates. We produce colors in a variety of formats to make the job of coloring food , confectionery, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products easy and economical. Some typical applications include (but are not limited to): • Chocolate • Compound Coatings • Hard Candy • Icings • Inclusions • Taffy • Colored Sugar • Beverages • Panned Products • Non-Pareils • Cotton Candy • Lipstick & Lip Gloss • Tableted Products • Sprinkles • Bird Toys • I