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ISC Sales (since 1988) Compressed Air Drying Systems Compressed Air Filtration Liquid Filtration Systems Machine Coolant Filter/Treatment Systems Vortex Enclosure Cooling Condensate Collection & Separation Refrigerant A/C Systems Chemicals Contact ISC Return policy iscinfo@iscsales.com Search My Cart Since 1988, ISC has provided industrial products to the manufacturing and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) markets. Our trained staff is ready and available to assist you in finding the right product for your application. We have no voice mail at ISC. Visit our Complete Product List to find the perfect solution. Compressed Air Drying Systems Five year Bumper to Bumper Warranty on refrigerated dryers Two year Bumper to Bumper Warranty on regenerative dryers Compressed Air Filtration Guaranteed oil-free and water free compressed air at point of use applications Liquid Filtration Systems Application specific filtration systems for water, chemical and other process liquids Additional applications include: acqueous/aqueous part washer, automotive part washer, car wash equipment and water chiller Machine Coolant Filter/Treatment Systems Extend machine coolant life by preventing bacteria and removing fines and chips Condensate Collection & Separation Zero air loss condensate drains to collect and remove water/oil form traps, tanks, and blow downs Separation systems to separate the solids from your condensate for safe disposal Energy Saving Nozzles, Jets and Air Knives Air Nozzles and Jets Air Amplifying Curtain Air Knives Air Amplifiers for Vacuum Blowoff, Cooling or Conveying - Round Transvectors OEM Related Products Enclosure Purging Systems NEMA Rated and UL approved electrical enclosures Compressed air powered, thermostatically controlled air conditioning systems Cooling systems for Class & Divisional rated enclosures Refrigerant type electrical enclosure cooling systems, including XP rated Heat exchangers Filtered fan kits Enclosure heating systems Compressed air dryers and filtration Vortex Enclosure Cooling Comp
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