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Electronics and Electrical Electromechanical
Power Supplies, DC to DC Converter, Medical Power Supply POWER SUPPLIES Your source for the hard to find... Battery Charger # I-7785 ■ 9V NiMH ■ Overnight Charger ■ Battery stores in-line with battery case ■ Battery charger rests flat against the wall ■ Battery snaps into housing against leaf contacts ■ Toll Free: (888) 904-9054 Email: info@islproducts.com ISL Products International, Ltd. is an engineering oriented supplier of standard and custom electronic and electro-mechanical components, servicing the industrial and commercial manufacturers. Products include piezo siren, piezoelectric transducer, mylar speaker, synchronous motor, potentiometer, stepping motor, custom cable assembly, battery charger, switching power supply, custom speaker products, DC to DC converter, medical power supplies, DC DC power supplies, gear motor as well as other standard and custom electronic and electro-mechanical components. DC Planetary & Spur Geared Motors Cable Assemblies Potentiometers Cable Assemblies Audio Video Cables Application Notes Rotary Potentiometers Slide Potentiometers Standard Resistance Tapers Capacitors Power Supplies Electrolytic Capacitors Electronic Components AC/DC - Enclosed Power Supplies AC/DC - Open Frame Power Supplies Battery Chargers Desktop Power Supplies Medical Power Supplies Wall Mount Power Supplies Circuit Boards & Assemblies Circuit Boards Printed Circuit Board Assembly Coils, Chokes, & Inductors SMT Components Inductors Air Coils Ferrite Cores Electronic Components Cable Assemblies Source and Sales Connectors Speakers & Buzzers Electrical Connectors Din Connectors Loud Speaker Magnetic Buzzer
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