Istech Incorporated
Cytech Building 1600 Pennsylvania Ave 
York PA Pennsylvania
United States 17404
Phone: (800) 555-4880
Tags: machine robotics vision
ISTECH, Incorporated - Automation | Integration | Vision This site will look much, much better in a browser that supports web standards, but it is accessible to any browser or Internet device. If you'd like to see this site in its full glory, please download a modern browser, such as Internet Explorer 5/6, Netscape 6, Mozilla or Opera. If you're using a text-based browser, or don't have any choice in what browser you're using, please ignore this disclaimer. We've done our best to make sure this site is still usable with whatever browser you may be using. Directions Contact Us Site Map 2121 Pennsylvania Avenue - York, PA 17404 - Phone (800)555-4880 History Automation Vision Inspection Vision Inspection Overview Case Study 1: Vision integration with semi-automatic hand line Case Study 2: Vision integration with existing level 2 automation Case Study 3: Vision integration with existing level 3 automation Case Study 4: 2D matrix code label verification system Laser Inspection Laser Inspection Overview Case Study 1: Turnkey automated laser inspection module for semi-automatic hand lines Case Study 2: Automated laser inspection add-on for level 3 automation Data Acquisition Data Acquisition Overview Case Study 1: Data-acquisition / non-contact measurement system Robotics Robotics Overview Case Study 1: Date stamp / palletizing packaging system written in Adept's V+ Case Study 2: Assembly system utilizing an Adept COBRA programmed using AIM Case Study 3: Vision inspection/SPC/tray packaging system Programming Software Programming Overview Case Study 1: Visual Basic vision data acquisition with web-based reporting Case Study 2: Vision verification system using Oracle Case Study 3: Upgrading legacy hardware/software on a plating line Customers Utilizing advanced computer and automation technologies, ISTECH provides design, fabrication, programming, installation, and service of machine automation and vision inspection systems. Our expertise also includes state-of-the-art computer/machine integration including MIS, data acq