Jade Corporation
3063 Philmont Ave 
Huntingdon Valley PA Pennsylvania
United States 19006
Phone: +1 215 947 3333, Fax: +1 215 947 8489
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Instruments and Supplies Laboratory Automation and Robotics
Custom Equipment, Precision Stamping and Tooling, Contract Manufacturing at Jade Corporation CUSTOM EQUIPMENT PRECISION STAMPING PRECISION TOOLING CONTRACT MANUFACTURING press releases positions available CONTACT US HOME Over 50 Years of Providing Innovative Manufacturing Solutions to Today's Industries 3063 Philmont Avenue Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 (215) 947-3333 • Fax (215) 947-6838 http://www.jadecorp.com NEED DIRECTIONS? click for directions to: Huntingdon Valley site Southampton site Since 1946, JADE Corporation has been involved in the design, development, and manufacture of highly specialized, engineered machine parts, specialty tooling and production machines. We offer almost all manufacturing disciplines within our four business units. This includes Precision Machining , Assembly Equipment Design, Contract Electromechanical Assembly and Precision Stamping , Coining and Deep Drawing. Today, Jade employs over 250 employees at three separate manufacturing facilities with almost 175,000 square feet of capacity. Manufacturing locations with a headquarters located in Huntingdon Valley, PA provides strategic contract services for our customers in aerospace, defense, medical, disk drive, security/safety, automotive, commercial, electronics, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. In addition, Jade's management team has continued to increase their efforts to meet the growing demand from our high technology customers by expanding our equipment capabilities to include 5 axis machining, wire and sink EDM while expanding our electromechanical contract assembly services to include outsourcing services for entire machine fabrication and assembly. Jade's ongoing success can be attributed to three key elements of our Beliefs Statement . First, the ingenuity and the technical know-how of the company's design, engineers and master tool makers are of paramount importance. They offer us over 56 years of hands-on experience in manufacturing including equipment design, fabrication techniques, and stamping experti