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The PR-111 In-Line Process Refractometer can monitor and control the concentration of dissolved solids or water soluble liquids in your process lines. It will continuously measure the refractive index of your process without periodic sampling costs.
AFAB Enterprises - Inline Process Refractometers AFAB Enterprises 2151 CR 44W Eustis, Florida 32726 USA 866-623-1222 352-483-1222 FAX: 352-483-1255 HOME About Afab Products Accessories Industry Articles Consulting Services Refractive Index Tables Contact Us Links PR-111 IN-LINE PROCESS REFRACTOMETER CE APPROVED FROM $995! AFAB Enterprises - Refractometers SPECIAL! Buy One Handheld Refractometer of your choice, Get One Free (Offer valid while supplies last) If your manufacturing or testing procedures call for a refractometer capable of the measurement of a few parts per million, you may need to invest more money than the PR-111 Inline Process Refractometer from AFAB Enterprises sells for. But if, like the vast majority of companies that use refractometers, your readings need to be accurate and repeatable to within +/- 1% of span, you’re in luck! AFAB Enterprises specializes in making refractometers that perform consistently and provide accurate results within the ranges you specify. Not more, not less. Go to the Contact Us section of this site, and tell us your tolerances and requirements. We’ll customize a cost efficient and effective PR-111 Inline Process Refractometer system that will provide a solution for your specific needs. Get the right refractometer system for your job, and literally save thousands with AFAB Enterprises. Because light travels at different velocities in different mediums, the light beam is bent at the interface between two adjoining materials. This is called “refraction”. There is an angle of light propagation at which refraction no longer occurs, the light beam instead being reflected back into the original material. This is called the critical angle. Critical angle is the result of light interfacing at two mediums. The PR-111 Inline Process Refractometer measures this critical angle, thereby inferring the refractive index of the second material. Different materials have different refractive indices (RI’s), as do different concentrations. Critical angle is de
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