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Tags: Cryotechnology
Cryogenics Equipment by Janis Research, including cryostats, cryocoolers, helium-3 systems, dilution refrigerators, superconducting magnets and micromanipulating probe systems Interested in a career at Janis? For immediate job opportunities, please click the EMPLOYMENT button on the left. Welcome to Janis — a recognized leader in the design, development, and production of cryogenic equipment since 1961: Laboratory Cryosystems Custom Cryogenic Engineering 4 K Closed-Cycle Refrigeration Systems Pulse Tube Refrigerator Systems Superconducting Magnet Systems Micro-manipulated Probe Systems Ultra-Low Temperature Systems The reasons for our record of success include the following: Precision engineering Quality manufacturing Ease-of-operation High reliability and performance Thousands of field-tested designs The widest range of cryogenic products in the industry The highest level of service and support. If you're on the leading edge of research and technology, you probably expect the same of the cryogenic products you use and the company that supplies them. At Janis, we are able to utilize the extensive background and expertise of some of the world's foremost cryogenic scientists and engineers to provide you with solutions to problems and challenges. Contact us today through our world-wide network of sales and service representatives or by completing our online form . Exclusive T-shirt Offer Click here to find out how you can wear your own Janis Research T-shirt! You have reached Janis Research Company. If you meant to go to Janus Funds, a financial web site, please click here: . ?? Search the Janis site ?????? powered by FreeFind ? JANIS RESEARCH COMPANY, INC. 2 Jewel Drive, P.O. Box 696 Wilmington, MA 01887-0696 USA TEL: +1-978-657-8750 FAX: +1-978-658-0349 E-Mail: Policies Last Updated: July 25, 2007