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Home Jet Stream Manufacturing: Waterjet Cutting Services    125 S. Front St. Colwyn, PA 19023 Ph.800-416-1228 Fx.866-746-1904 Custom manufacturing and abrasive waterjet cutting services since 1991. Home Info Links Map Contact Home Home Jet Stream Manufacturing portfolio. (Click the small thumbnail images to show large photos.) Flooring Custom Cutting | Total images: 77 We provide waterjet cutting of all types of flooring, stone, tiles, slabs, sheets and pavers. Indoor & Outdoor. Public Art Projects & Artistic Cutting | Total images: 14 We fabricate many large public art projects for top designers from NY, Philadelphia, and across the country. Signs, Logos, and Letters | Total images: 31 We produce signage and sign parts in all standard and many special sign materials. Metal Custom Cutting | Total images: 32 High volume mechanical, architectural and structural parts. Artistic designs and commercial cutting of all metals. Glass Custom Cutting | Total images: 13 Spectacular Stained glass work, thick & laminated glass cutting, commercial custom glasswork. Waterjet is recommended anywhere curves or holes are needed in glass. Plywood and Hardwood Cutting | Total images: 5 Plywood and router cutting of plywood and hardwood for furniture and displays. Waterjet is recommended when sharp inside corners are required, since router tools leave a wide radius. Plastics, Laminates, & Foam Cutting | Total images: 7 Carbon fiber auto parts, unique dental materials, and endless varieties of mechanical parts in plastics, foam, and laminates. Test Equipment, Vision Systems, Assembly Machines | Total images: 4 Electronic test equipment is a strong branch of our company. Equipment production is complimented by our waterjet machining. Our experience includes electrical & mechanical engineering, semiconductor physics, software development, and computer control & measurement. We also do machine design of production assembly equipment. This album has 183 items in total | Album was updated 6/22/06 4:27 PM | Generated by JAlbum 4.6 ,