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Calibrated Instrument for gas analysis, flow measurement, sampling and calibration needs. Gas Sampling Bags Gas Dilution Systems Gas Analyzers Gas Flow Meters Products CALI-5-BOND CALI-GUARD Gas/Air/Liquid Sampling Bags (5-layer) and Accessories. Protective Bag Covers. MIKROGAS Gas Analyzers for Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM). Ambient Air Monitoring and Industrial Process Stream Analysis. ULTRAGAS Gas Analyzers for Laboratory, Research and Ambient Measurements; Continuous or Batch DIGAMIX DIMIKUR Precision Gas Mixing Pumps. Gas Dilution Systems and Precision Gas Forwarding Pumps. Micro-Dosing Gas Dilution Systems. RITTER Precision Gas Flow Meters. Wet-Test and Dry-Test. DESAMAT Wet and Dry Precipitation/Deposition Monitors. Measurement of pH, Conductivity, Intensity, Volume and Event Duration. ELMHOS Electrical Conductivity Measurement: Industrial and Chemical Liquids (Acids and Caustics). High Purity Water. Waste, Stream and River Water. Turbine Steam and Industrial Boiler Water. CARMHOMAT Carbon Measurement in Cast Iron, Carbide, Soil, Organic, and Biological Samples. SULMHOMAT Sulphur Measurement in Iron/Steel, Organic Substances, Mineral Oil, Plastic and other Products. Services Isotechnology Geochemical Fingerprinting of Gases Isotopic Analysis of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen Identification of Landfill Methane and Natural Gas Tritium Analysis for Water and Methane Radio Carbon ( 14 C) Analysis Refining Process Technology Petroleum Industry Reaction Mix Sampling (RMS) and Testing for Refinery Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Units. Technical Assistance and Services Including: Unit Operation; Process Engineering and Optimization; Catalyst Evaluation and Development; Process Development; Feedstock Evaluation. Technician Training Markets Served Industrial, Petroleum and Chemical Process. Food, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology. Aerospace, Military, Government Agencies Environmental Industrial Hygiene and Plant Safety Laboratory and Research EPA/OSHA/NIOSH/MSHA Sampling and Monitoring Gas Flow Meters Gas Sampling
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