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Karman Rubber Company
2331 Copley Rd 
Akron OH Ohio
United States 44320
Phone: +1 330 864 2161, Fax: +1 330 864 2124
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Akron Rubber and Polymers
Vibration Control Products - Vibration Isolation & Noise Control Vibration Isolation & Noise Control Products English Espanol Francais Deutsch Expect the Best Rubber Molding and Rubber-to-Metal Bonding Welcome and thank you for choosing and visiting the Karman Rubber Company, a world leader in rubber molding and rubber-to-metal bonding . Karman Rubber is a family owned business established in 1945. Located in Akron, Ohio, we produce custom molded rubber and rubber-to-metal bonded parts. We are most proud of the Vibro-Insulator ® line of isolators and mounts used for the control of noise, vibration, and shock. From one pound to one ton we have the right type of mount for your application. Please take a few minutes to browse our web site. The Vibro-Insulator ® Catalog was designed to let our customers navigate with ease allowing them to select the correct mount for their application. We believe that you will find our qualifications in rubber molding and rubber-to-metal bonding unmatched anywhere in the world. Our staff is here to serve you. Click for More Noise Anti-Vibration & Shock Control Products Noise Vibration & Shock Control Products Insulator Pads Continuous Strip Mounts K10 Style K12 Style K14 Style Square Mounts Flange Mounts (All Attitude Isolators) Cylindrical Isolators (Stud/Plate Mounts, Sandwich Mounts, Bobbins, Buffers) Male/Male Single Male Male/Female Female/Female Female/Female Nut Style Conical Isolators Male/Male Single Male Bumpers and Feet Single Female Conical Single Male Center Bonded 2 Piece (Universal Mounts) 1 Piece (Center Bushing Mounts) Bushings KS Series Stainless Steel Cylindrical Isolators Low Frequency Ring Mounts Torsional Mounts Donut Style with Offset K50 Style with Offset K50 Style without Offset Flex Mounts (Ring & Bushing, Finger Flex Mounts) All Rubber Ring Bushings (small) All Rubber Ring Bushings (large) Plate Mounts (Plate Form Mounts) Square Diamond Compression Mounts (Resilient Mounts) K60 Style Machinery Mounts K60 Style Fail Safe Dome-Style Fail Safe What W
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