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Lancaster Products Division of Kercher Industries Quality manufacturers of Mixing Machines including: High Speed Mixers, High Shear Mixers, Low Shear Mixers, Low Speed Mixers, Muller Mixers, Batch Mixers, Pug Mills, Continuous Blending and Batch Blending, Counter-Current Mixers and High Speed Blenders. We also manufacture rugged, durable Brick Machines for Moulded Brick, Wood Mold Brick, Restoration Brick, Sanded Brick, Soft Mud Brick and Brick Systems. We are experts in various Processing Techniques, such as: Agglomerators, Automating, Batching, Blending, Coating, Conveying, Kneading, Mixing, Granulating, Pelletizing, Fly Ash Pelletizers, Systems, Material Handling and Batching Systems. Our engineers and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility will help you with any Mixing, Grinding, Batching, Measuring or Control technology. Lancaster Products are engineered and manufactured by Kercher Industries, Inc. and Kercher Machine Works, Inc. Please explore our site and see what our experience and expertise in quality manufacturing will provide.