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22121 17th Ave SE ste 112 
Bothell WA Washington
United States 98021
Phone: +1 425 402 8100, Fax: +1 312 236 1958
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Peripherals Keyboards
Kinesis Corporation - Computer Ergonomics Kinesis Corporation is a manufacturer of ergonomic computer keyboards and distributor of complementary input and workstation accessories for personal and mobile computer users. We carry the Contoured Ergonomic Keyboard , Maxim Ergonomic Keyboard , and the Freestyle Ergonomic Keyboard . Other keyboards include the A4 tech "A Style" ergonomic keyboard for use with the Contour Design RollerMouse and the MiniType keyboard for laptop and mobile computing applications. Kinesis carries a line of laptop computing accessories including the Kinesis Laptop Lifter , the Xbrand Laptop Stand , and the Xbrand Lap Desk . Kinesis offers many ergonomic pointing devices , including touchpads , trackballs , wireless optical mice, the Evoluent Vertical Mouse and the complete line of Contour Design's Perfit Mouse and Roller Mouse . Kinesis carries a line of foot switches useful for performing mouse clicks, playing macros and initiating key actions. Foot pedals can connect via USB, PS/2 and directly to the Contoured Keyboard . Kinesis offers a line of low-force, numeric keypads for use where a separate 10-key would be optimum.. Kinesis carries a line of ergonomic office chairs , connectivity devices and several workstation accessories such as keyboard trays and document holders . You can view our home page here: Main Home Page . A current listing of our products here: Product Listing . The Kinesis online store can be found here: Storefront .