L. S. Industries
710 E 17th St 
Wichita KS Kansas
United States 67214
Phone: +1 316 265 7997
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LS Industries - Metal Cleaning Equipment, Shot Blaster, Abrasive Cleaning, Industrial Washers, Structural Blasters, Dust Collectors, Cylinder Blasters, Powder Coating, Pre Treatment NEW INNOVATIONS FROM LS INDUSTRIES STRUCTURAL & STEEL PLATE BLASTERS TABLE BLASTERS Business is good. Job opportunities at LS Industries. UPDATE: We are now rebuilding blasters (both ours and those of other manufacturers). Call 1-800-835-0218 for quotes. LS Industries designs and manufactures a full line of metal cleaning equipment for the industrial and automotive market. Integrated abrasive blast cleaning systems including those specially designed for cleaning gas and other cylinders (Cylblast? and Cylcoat?) and tire and wheel rims (RimBlast?) combine cleaning, preparation and powder coating or painting. Custom structural airless shot blast cabinets using conveyor and monorail systems are engineered by the in-house engineering staff for efficient and economical cleaning, degreasing and deburring of metal parts and pieces of all sizes including automotive blocks and heads. Cleaningsystems for rebar, pipe and tubing of all sizes are designed and manufactured by LS industries. Specially designed LS Dust Collectors in several sizes maintain environmentally safe applications for the LS Blasters and other manufacturers. Vibratory shakers and tumblers using aluminum and ceramic media are available in many sizes to accommodate a wide variety of part sizes and shapes. LS Industries maintains a full time parts department for replacement and repair parts, aluminum media, and metal shot. LS also maintains knowledgeable full time technical support personnel. Other products in the LS product line include pressure washers, spray systems, flow-thru washers, industrial washers, rotary washers, jet spray washers and other aqueous cleaning systems as well as Infrared oven, batch ovens, gas and electric ovens, Brake Deliners and Rubber Belt Blasters round out the large list of metal cleaning machines provided by LS Industries. NEW COATING BROCHURE AVAI