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Liquid Waste Technology, Inc.
PO Box 250 
Somerset WI Wisconsin
United States 54025
Phone: +1 715 247 3322, Fax: +1 715 247 3934
Tags: Mining Drilling Dredging
Mining and Drilling Dredging
Liquid Waste Technology, LLC - 715-247-5464 DREDGE Home | Products | Case Studies | News | Your Project | About Us | Contact Us Request Information Download Brochure Client List Dredges Diesel Dredges Electric Dredges Manned Dredges NEW Swinging Ladder Dredge Automation Automated Dredges Remote Control Robotic Dredges NEW RCD-6 Crawler Self Propelled Dredges Pumps Chopper Pumps Lagoon Pumpers Agricultural Land Application Equipment Hose Reels Dredge Links IMS Dredges UMI Trash Skimmers Ellicott Dredges Information For additional information, click on the following stories: ? NEW New York Harbor Area Floating Trash Skimmer Boat ? Shore Patrol targets trash -- Skimmer rids river of floating flotsam ? TrashCat? Christening by Christine Whitman ? Passaic Valley's clean-up efforts using TrashCat? Free newsletter on wastewater, dredging, reclamation, and mining topics Available online Subscribe today PDF Files Liquid Waste Technology (LWT) specializes in the design and manufacture of custom solutions for the dredging industry. LWT builds high quality computer and remote controlled portable dredges uniquely equipped for a variety of applications including: Wastewater Lagoon Dredging Water Treatment Plant Maintenance Mine Tailings Canal Dredging Dredging w/ Geo-Tubes Lake & Pond Dredging Marina Maintenance Sand Dredging Dredging Mud and Silt LWT?s designed the PIT HOG? Remote Control Electric Lagoon Pumper (MODEL PH10-40Hp) and 700 Series Diesel Dredges with quality components for dependable, easy operations and builds it with structural steel for dependable, long term use. Utilizing Electric or Diesel power; Manned or Unmanned; Computer or Manual Controls - LWT and its Pit Hog Dredge Line can produce unparalleled, economical and efficient transmission
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