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Magnet Applications : Total Magnet Solutions Enter Enter Enter Magnet Applications : Total Magnet Solutions - Bonded magnets, Ferrite magnets, Neodymium magnets A provider of total magnetic solutions to the OEM industry. This covers magnet manufacture, assemblies and supply management of non manufactured materials as well as modelling and prototyping. magnet applications, bonded magnets, rare earth magnets, permanent magnets, magnet manufacturer, magnet assemblies, magnetic catches, ferrite magnets, injection moulded magnets, samarium cobalt magnets, neodymium magnets, magnets for motors, alnico magnets, magnet manufacturers, magnetic separators, magfine about us ' Our Commitment to our customers is to provide creative, reliable and magnet applications , cost effective solutions in a timely manner'. Magnet Applications Group is the sole shareholder in:- Arelec SA France , Magnet Applications Ltd UK & Magnet Applications Inc USA . bonded magnets , We have 3 manufacturing units based in France , UK and USA with complimentary production employing around 200 people and the contact details are rare earth magnets , shown below Our business started in 1955 in Pau France near the present site , where we laid claim to being the first mass producer of magnetic catches . permanent magnets , This was our main business until 1970 and still accounts for around 30% of our sales The UK office was opened in 1964 in London and as well as distributing Arelec products we magnet manufacturer , became the first merchant of permanent magnets in the UK to offer customers a complete range of products . In 1991 production commenced of bonded rare earth magnets An office magnet assemblies , was established in USA in 1992 and a focussed factory for bonded magnets and technical assemblies followed in 1998 Bonded magnets are a particular core competence and we manufacture by all of the major processes with a vertically integrated system from powder to in-house compounds to magnets to assemblies, making magnetic catches , wide use of automatio
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