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Magruder Color Company - Home Page MAGRUDER COLOR, LLC AND EC PIGMENTS USA HAVE MERGED _________________________________________________________________________________ EC Pigments USA and Magruder Color, LLC I am pleased to announce that on December 29, 2006 EC Pigments USA, the American operating company of European Colour plc, and Magruder Color, LLC merged. Effective January 1, 2007, the operations of EC Pigments USA and Magruder will be managed as a single entity. This exciting combination will give each business access to different technologies and different approaches to pigment and pigment preparation compositions. From there we expect to see interesting new products emerge to give customers more cost effective organic colors. Until further notice, your normal contacts and relationships at EC Pigments USA and Magruder will remain the same. The combined team has met with you or will be meeting with you soon to talk about the combination and how it will enhance our relationship with you. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with your normal contact at EC Pigments USA or Magruder. Steve Smith December 29, 2006 _______________________________________________________________________________ Established for over 75 years, EC Pigments USA is a basic pigment manufacturer with major emphasis in the Graphic Arts Industry. Products include organic pigments supplied as dry color, presscake and flushed color dispersions, acrylic chip color concentrates, liquid dispersions, and polyolefinic concentrates. EC Pigments USA supplies quality products on a world-wide basis to the ink, paint, and plastics industries for a variety of applications including sheetfed and web-offset printing inks, heatset inks, news inks, tyvek inks, metal decorating inks, textile inks, acrylic flexographic water ink systems, crayons, artist's colors, finishes, coatings, and other specialty systems using colors. Click below for PRODUCT info CLICK HERE TO GO TO EC PIGMENTS WEB SITE Last Revised: Jan 22, 2007 ? 1997-2007 EC Pigments
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