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El Paso TX Texas
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Phone: (915) 774-0066
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Magtech Industries Corporation Adapters Wall mount (Universal Plug) Wall mount Desktop LCD Open Frame Closed Frame LED Lighting PSU LED Drivers (Low Voltage Input) LED Drivers ( DC BuckBoost ) L03U Series L07U Series L121 Series LP1017 Series( 277V available) LP1020 Series LP1025 Series( 277V available) LP1040 Series LP1060 Series LP2060 Series LP1090 Series( 277V available) LP4240 Series LD-CU & LD-PI Series DINRail Power Medical Power DC to DC Converter PC Power Standard Redundant Battery Chargers Rack Mount Power Last modified on Jun 14, 2007 Discover new products What's new? Come check out our hot new products on the What's new page . Just click here ! Magtech Industries Corporation ... is a US based company dedicated exclusively to the design, manufacture, and distribution of high quality, switch-mode power supplies. We provide solutions from wall-mount, desktop adaptors, LED power supply and LED drivers, Industry standard open frame and close frame power supplies and DIN Rail mount industrial switchers. Magtech Industries currently operates from its 20,000- sq. ft. facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, with much of its manufacturing capabilities being handled overseas via Sirtec International and High Perfection Technology. Founded in 1968, the Sirtec & HPT operation (with 3 manufacturing facilities totaling 300,000 sq. ft.) provides high-tech capabilities that include precision plastic injection molding, robotics metal fabrication, and high volume (400K/month) power supply/electronics manufacturing to supply the Information Technology, communications, and other related industries. From its headquarters in Las Vegas Nevada, Magtech provides its customers the highest level of quality and support with its in-house Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Quality Assurance, and Customer Support groups. Our highly talented and skilled production team proudly handles the product assembly, custom OEM modifications, and all QC/testing that includes a 100% product "burn-in" at full load. With our commitment to product quality and