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Marlin Street Wire Products Llc
2640 Merchant Drive 
Baltimore MD Maryland
United States 21230
Phone: +1 410 644 7456
Tags: Baltimore
Wire Baskets - Wire Forms, Forming, Hooks, Shelves & S Hooks are made custom by Marlin Steel Wire Products Wire Baskets Wire Shelves Wire Forms S Hooks Custom Products PegBoard Hooks Utility Dolly Sheet Metal Robotic Welding Screens & Grates Racks Other Products About Us GSA Schedule Contact Us Quality Control Request Quote How To Order Directions Made in the USA Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC Established in 1968, Marlin Steel Wire Products LLC. is a USA-based Custom and Stock Wire Products manufacturing company. Some of our products we manufacture at Marlin are: Wire Baskets Wire Hooks Wire Forms Wire Forming Wire Shelves S Hooks J Hooks At Marlin Steel, we manufacture custom jobs to your specifications. We also have an extensive inventory of "In Stock" wire products. Furthermore, our full-time Engineering team is available to help you design your custom wire product. Using cutting-edge 3D CAD technology, we can show your finished design from any angle. We deliver top-quality products fast, with your choice of finish, such as Chrome, Nickel, Plastic, Epoxy, Zinc, Brass, Teflon, Nylon, etc. Our rust-resistant Stainless Steel units can be electropolished for a nice shiny finish or just left raw. Marlin Steel Wire Products 2640 Merchant Drive Baltimore, MD 21230-3307 USA Tel: 410-644-7456 · Fax: 410-644-7457 E-mail Marlin Steel Wire ABOUT :: BASKETS :: SHELVES :: WIRE FORMS :; CUSTOM :: SCREENS & GRATES :: RACKS OTHER PRODUCTS :: ENGINEERING :: REQUEST A QUOTE :: HOW TO ORDER :: SALES :: HOME SITE MAP :: GSA SCHEDULE