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Mascon Home Page Mascon’s original equipment manufacturing (OEM) group can help you outperform your competition and lower your production costs at the same time. We offer competitive pricing, the latest manufacturing technology, and complete quality assurance. With our excellence in metal fabrication, electronic mechanical assembly, and plastic injection, we make your quality parts at competitive prices. Our printed circuit board group has been supplying Hot Air Solder Leveling (HASL) equipment and chemistries to the PCB industry in Asia for over 15 years. We also manufacture and distribute specialty chemistries and solder bars/tin under our Polaris brand name in Asia. ATW Security offers you quality security products for residential and commercial burglar alarm systems. We have a full line of sirens, speakers, strobes, piezos, camera mounts, transformers, accessories, and The Watchdog Collection . Reliable, quality products at an affordable price – ATW Security. © Copyright 2004 Mascon, Inc. All Rights Reserved 5 Commonwealth Avenue, Woburn MA 01801 USA