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Sheet Metal Fabrication & CNC Machining in Castle Hayne, North Carolina Master Machining Inc. Your complete source for Design, Machining, and Fabrication When Lee Iococa was in charge of Chrysler, he called his design team in one day and told them he wanted to build a convertible. In the proper fashion of that time for the Auto industry, they responded… we can have something for you to look at in say... six to nine months. Iococa was furious! You don’t understand...he fired back, I want it now. Pull a car in and cut the top off! Needless to say, they did just that. After driving the car around Detroit for a weekend Iococa figured he’d received enough smiles, waves and thumb’s up to justify building a new convertible. That fall, Chrysler debuted a new model. If you find yourself in the same situation, give MMI a shot. We’ll cut the top off...while others want to come up with excuses why it can’t be done. Our experienced staff can help you with any project: • Sheet Metal Fabrication • CAD Designing Using• Welding • Short to Medium Length CNC Machining • Auto Cad 2000™ • Complete Assembly • Drawing Using .dxf, .dwg and .iges • Laser Cutting: • Cardboard • Plastic• Metals •PrototypeRuns• Complete Quality Inspection REDUCE DEVELOPMENT COSTS BY OUTSOURCING DESIGN AND ENGINEERING In today’s fast-paced marketplace, time is of the essence. And like all business, time translates to dollars. With this is mind, many product development companies look to outsourcing to meet their engineering and design needs in order to reduce both cycle time and cost. We at MMI have the solution. Unlike your normal Engineering placement agency, MMI will dedicate both time and resources to each client. We are equipped to handle short-term design projects as well as longer developmental projects. Our manufacturing ability supports this facet of MMI, thus not limiting us to long-term contracts. Master Machining Inc. design group offers a full range of services both in-house and on-site, including conceptual design; mechanical engineering; consu