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Mattec Corporation MATTEC Corporation Electronic Technology For Improving Manufacturing Productivity Mattec is the world's leading supplier of real-time production and process monitoring systems and cavity pressure control systems for selected industries, including plastics injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, blown film, metal stamping, die casting, printing, painting, and assembly. Home About Mattec What's New Products Help Desk Search Contact Us Integrated with ERP Mattec's sister company, CMS Software, is a leading provider of ERP software, manufacturing software, and supply chain management software solutions to manufacturers and distributors. Read more... Protecting Your Investment Did you know that every MIU that Mattec has ever made can still run on ProHelp EPM without any wiring changes? It's true! Read more... ProHelp EPM is the fourth generation of our real-time production and process monitoring systems. This system is capable of monitoring up to 4,096 machines and supporting hundreds of simultaneous users. System features include: Real-Time Production and Process Monitoring. Cavity Pressure Control. SPC/SQC Analysis. Job Scheduling. Family Molding. Scrap And Downtime Reporting. Preventive Maintenance. Operator Tracking. FDA 21 CFR 11. ...and more Learn what a ProHelp EPM system can do for you today. PCMIU The PCMIU provides the power of a TSMIU interface with the cost-effectiveness of a PC. It can even be used with your old "black box" MIUs. Read more... PLC Interfaces Mattec has thousands of MIUs installed that extract data directly from machine controllers (PLCs). Most MIUs even allow you to combine PLC interfaces with a combination of analog and digital inputs for a powerful process monitoring system. Read more... Home About Mattec What's New Products Help Desk Search Contact Us Copyright © Mattec Corporation. All rights reserved.