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Phone: +1 978 256 4512, Fax: +1 978 250 8625
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Instruments and Supplies Laboratory Equipment Spectroscopy
McPherson spectrometers, spectrographs and monochromators - systems for Spectroscopy Contact Us McPherson, Inc. manufactures Instruments and Systems for Spectroscopy through the optical electromagnetic spectrum . We design and build tools to measure frequency and intensity of light wavelengths / rays with good spectral resolution over a wide free range. McPherson instruments are available for teaching, physics and astronomy applications through the X Ray, Vacuum, UV, Visible and Infrared (IR, including MWIR and LWIR) wavelengths. Vacuum and ultra high vacuum (UHV) models are available in most designs. Whats New... Opto Mechanics for Vacuum / Purge mounts, actuators, beam delivery Thermally Stabalized Apertures cooled precise adjustable slits Raman Workstation system for research and teaching X Ray & Extreme UV Spectrometer spectrograph for 1200 to 60eV VIS, MW and LWIR Spectral Test & Calibration Station Instruments and Solutions... Systems & Applications packaged, turnkey instrument solutions Spectrometers, Spectrographs and Monochromators   for Ultraviolet, Visible and Infrared   for Vacuum Ultraviolet   for Soft X Ray and Extreme UV Light Sources / Detectors Fluorescence Detectors for dynamic HPLC and static cuvette samples Synchrotron Instrumentation beamline monochromators, slits & uhv accessories Custom Manufacturing vacuum welding, leak checking, precision maching Table of All Products General Information... Company Overview Contact Us Driving Directions Press Releases Show Schedule Spectroscopy Tips Call today! 1-800-255-1055 (USA) or 1-978-256-4512 We will resolve your spectra!         Home Products Applications Contact Us , Telephone (978)256-4512, Fax (978) 250-8625 McPherson, Inc. - 7A Stuart Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824 USA
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