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Advanced CAD/CAM, Wax Injection, and Casting Equipment & Supplies - Memco, Inc. Welcome to Memco Inc. - Your source for advanced CAD/CAM, wax injection, casting and finishing equipment and supplies for the jewelry industry. About Memco What's New! Site Map Catalog Search Credit Application Conditions of Sale Contact Us Request Information/Quotation New 2007 pricing is here. Please download the latest price list by clicking the link to the right. New/Used Equipment Download the 2007 Price List Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader YOU CAN ACQUIRE PROFESSIONAL JEWELRY MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT TO PRODUCE YOUR DESIGNS FOR ONLY $750.00/MONTH! Everything you need to produce professional results is included in our package. This IS NOT a hobbyist torch melter, but electronically controlled equipment to give you the professional results the first time. Say goodbye to the heartbreak of losing your master wax in a mis-cast. This shop set-up includes: Vulcanizer with mold plates, frames, formers, knife & blades Wax injector, injection wax, wax rod, wax wire, wax pen & treeing tool Investment table, flasks, sleeves, bases, tongs, mixing bowl, graduated cylinder & scales Dewaxer, oven, program controller & high temperature gloves Electro-Vac casting system & supplies Divesting with water blast and bead blast Magnetic finisher, polisher/dust collector & supplies Lease this equipment for four years and it's yours! You have control of your production from start to finish. Contact us to see how easy it is to have your own factory. Memco supplies the jewelry industry with the most advanced technology for lost wax casting. Everything you need for vulcanizing, wax injection, investing, burnout, casting, divesting, and finishing can be found at Memco. Memco also stands behind every product sold; with our Three Year Warranty on our casting and wax injection machines, Memco is there to help you and your company achieve the best production for your business. At Memco, "We Know How" isn't just a slogan, it's how we do business. Let our &
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