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Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration Ultrasound Related Products and Services Instrumentation
Micro Photonics Inc. Product Portfolio Non-Destructive Testing Micro/Nano Mechanical X-Ray Imaging Systems Biological Imaging Thin Film Analysis Instrument Portfolio Laboratory Services Sale on Laboratory Equipment News 06/01/07 " Take Advantage of Free Demonstration Opportunities: Semicon West and In-House Demos on Profilometry, Mechanical and Dynamic Visualization, Scheduling Now." Product Diversity Info Request Form Nanovea Mechanical Testers CT Scanners The Nanovea Series of mechanical testers delivers what clients want most: reliable repeatable results, versatility, cost effective pricing and easy to use functionality. We believe so strongly in Nanovea instruments because we developed them ourselves. The series includes: tribometers , nano and micro hardness , scratch and adhesion testers . Skyscan’s Nano and Micro CTs enable users to study awide range of applications. Instruments can achieve resolution to 400 nm ( 2011 Nano-CT ),scan and reconstruct1000 slices in 15 minutes with pixel size from 1 µm to 35 µm, and diameter from 1 – 68 mm ( 1172 Micro-CT ). Nanovea Profilers Pixarray X-Ray Nanovea Series 3D Non-Contact Profilers are developed by Micro Photonics and include leading edge axial chromatism technology. Nanovea ST400 , VS200 and DS700 profilers obtain superior results even on challenging applications including dark blue or black materials, textiles and paper. The piXarray 100 is an easy to operate, self contained,compact, X-ray system suitable for radiography of small animals or industrial components. Automatic exposure function select appropriate power and exposure time. Transparent specimen window ensures proper alignment. VSI & Phase Shift Profilers Portable Handheld Testers Verticle Scanning Interferometry (VSI) and Phase Shift Interferometry (PSI) Profilers can quickly produce high resolution images, and can be equipped with a dynamic vibrometric measurement module for in-plane and out-of-plane real-time vibration mode studies from 100Hz to 2MHz. Our extensive
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