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Microseal, metal sealant, seal castings 1-800-411-6025 Click here to contact us now! Home Cost MSDS Brochure Contact Us Our products seal pores in all metals by dipping, spraying or brushing them on. How much does it cost you to scrap a porous casting? MICROSEAL offers an easy, economic, one-step solution for porous castings, welds, coatings and leaky joints. It also secures loose screws and nuts and prevents rust. Microseal is a plastic in thin liquid form with unusually high capillary action. It fills fine pores, micro-cracks and joints between fitting parts, then hardens into a pressure-tight seal. Application is easy; just dip, brush or spray. The seal dries in about a minute and hardens at room temperature. Large castings can be spot sealed. BENEFITS: Minimizes leaking and porous rejects. Inexpensive because a little sealant goes a long way and is easily applied. Allows for less expensive foundry and manufacturing techniques. Eliminates the need for pressure testing. PROPERTIES : When applied to a surface, Microseal fills fine pores, micro-cracks and joints between fitting parts. Then it becomes a hard, insoluble, durable, non-toxic and invisible solid which creates a pressure-tight seal that is impervious to boiling water, sea water, steam, alkalies, acids, alcohols, greases, oil, kerosene and many other chemicals. APPLICATION : No impregnating equipment, pressure or high temperature is required. The sealant can be brushed on or sprayed on, or the articles can be dipped. Hardening occurs at room temperature. Baking is not necessary. PRICES: F.O.B. Rome, NY $49.00 per gallon can, $225.00 per 5-gallon drum (quantity discounts) . Formal purchase orders are shipped on open account, net 1 month. NOTICE TO NON-USA CUSTOMERS : All payments must be made in advance by way of an approved credit card. The Microseal Co. accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, and DISCOVER. This procedure will provide faster service to the customer. Electronic transfers are cost prohibitive for typical Microseal orders Home | Cost |
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