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Ultrasonic Cleaning - Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment - Ultrasonic Cleaners - Parts Washer - from Miraclean Ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, & corrosion protection for metal parts & more Home Ultrasonic, Soak, & Spray Cleaners Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Immersible Ultrasonic Transducers Mold-Cleaning Lines SonicCell Automated Penetrant Inspection Lines Parts Washers Automated Hoists Benchtop Ultrasonic Tanks Coolants Mass Finishing Compounds Corrosion Inhibitors How Ultrasonics Clean Floor Cleaners About Miraclean Ultrasonic Cleaners and Automated Hoists Miraclean? supplies high performance ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic cleaning equipment (tanks and multiple station lines) for parts cleaning and mold cleaning (manual or automated), parts washers with agitation and ultrasonics, automated penetrant inspection lines, corrosion inhibitors, pretreatment chemistries, and mass finishing compounds. Miraclean?s heavy-duty programmable hoists may be retrofitted over existing cleaning, plating, and passivating lines and are now offered in a space-saving streamlined version. Miraclean? in the News See Miraclean at these Trade Shows: Optifab, Booth 501, May 15-17, 2007, Rochester, NY Eastec, Booth 3118, May 22-24, 2007, West Springfield, MA OMTEC, Booth 636, June 20-21, 2007, Rosemont, IL SurFin, Booth 813, August 13-15, 2007, Cleveland, OH ODT, October 29-31, 2007, Fort Wayne, IN Introducing Miraclean? SonicCell? Max an automated , small footprint ultrasonic cleaning line with a new, larger tank work area Also available in fpi & passivation versions Read Perfecting the Parts Cleaning Process with Ultrasonic Upgrades in the May 2006 issue of Parts Cleaning Magazine Read Fine Tune Cleaning and Rinsing with Ultrasonic Retrofits in the July 2005 issue of Products Finishing Magazine Read Ultrasonic Cleaning "Sounds" Quality Message at ATFAB in the July 2004 issue of Products Finishing Magazine Miraclean? Tel. 716-763-4343 Email
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