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Motor Capacitors, Inc.
335 Beinoris Drive 
Wood Dale IL Illinois
United States 60191
Phone: +1 773 774 6666, Fax: +1 773 774 6690
Fax: 7737746690
Tags: Capacitors, Contactors, Electrical, Electronics, Microwave Capacitors, Passives
Keywords: Motor Run, Motor Start, High Voltage, Microwave Capacitors, Lighting Capacitors, Applicance Parts
Electronics and Electrical Passives
Capacitor Industries Definite Purpose Contactors "> Motor
Capacitors Chicago Condenser SEI Capacitors The Capacitor
Industries Companies market a wide variety of Film and
Electrolytic capacitors for Electrical and Electronic
applications. Motor Capacitors, Inc. Motor-Run and Motor-
Start Capacitors. Chicago Condenser Corporation High-
Voltage Film Capacitors for Filter, Pulse Discharge,
Bypass, Coupling, SCR Snubber. Military and Industrial
Applications . SEI Capacitors, Inc. Aluminum Electrolytic
Capacitors; Computer-Grade, Snap-In, Miniature. CAPACITOR
INDUSTRIES SITE MAP Film Capacitors AC Applications (250
~ 660 VAC) CBB65/r O il-Filled Motor-Run Capacitors in
Round Cans CBB65/v O il-Filled Motor-Run Capacitors in
Oval Cans CD60B M otor-Starting Capacitors (110 ~ 330
VAC) AD D ry "Matchbox" Capacitors for Fans &
Blowers (250 ~ 500 VAC) RP D ry "European-
Style" Motor-Run Capacitors (to 450 VAC) UL, VDE, CE
Dry "1500N" and "711" - type
Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors MEX X -2 Suppression
Capacitors (275 VAC) all Agency Approvals High Voltage
Capacitors Dry-Type Very High Voltage Capacitors (10,000
~ 200,000 VDC) Military-Style Filter Capacitors in Steel
Cans (600 VDC ~ 50,000 VDC) Military-Style Filter
Capacitors in Bathtub Cans (600 VDC ~ 2,000 VDC) Filter
Capacitors in Phenolic Tubes (1,000 ~ 250,000 VDC) Pulse
Discharge Capacitors Snubber (Commutation) Applications
(600 ~ 4,000 Vpeak) Capacitors for Monitors &
Photocopying Equipment (25,000 ~ 40,000 VDC) High-Voltage
Wrap & Fill Polypropylene Capacitors (630 ~ 2,000 VDC)
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Computer-Grade Screw
Terminal, Large Capacitance 10 ~ 100 VDC Computer-Grade
Screw Terminal, Large Capacitance 160 ~ 450 VDC Snap-In
Electrolytics (6.3 ~ 450 VDC 1,000 hour 85 C.) Snap-In
Electrolytics (6.3 ~ 450 VDC 2,000 hour 105 C.) Miniature
Radial-Leaded Electrolytic (6.3 ~ 450 VDC) Non-Polarized
Electrolytic Capacitors Photo-Flash Capacitors (360 VDC)
Motor-Starting Capacitors (110 ~ 330 VAC) Reduced Prices
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