Mr Shims
729 N. Yale Ave 
Villa Park IL Illinois
United States 60181
Phone: +1 630 627 2202, Fax: +1 630 627 2232
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Mr. Shims Since 1987 (800) 72-SHIMS * FAX (630) 832-5744 Mr. Shims P.O. Box 6744 Villa Park, IL 60181 Phone: (800) 72-SHIMS FAX: (630) 832-5744 Email: Mr. Shims is a leader in industrial and commercial alignment equipment. We provide state of the art laser tools to measure alignment, and easy-to-use, top quality alignment materials: 304 stainless steel, aluminum, and color-coded plastic precut shims. Custom shims and shim stock also available. Mr. Shims stocks small tools and hardware for use with alignment work: drillout extractors, dial indicator hardware, hollow punch tool kits, balancing weights, and undercut bolts. We also have training courses in shaft alignment for any type of equipment you use. Mr. Shims Shaft Hog Laser Alignment System The Shaft Hog puts laser alignment accuracy within reach of everyone! The ergonomically designed control unit fits comfortably in one hand. The live display means that you will get instant feedback when shimming or moving the machines. This eliminates the guesswork and back and forth you're suffering through now. All this at an affordable price that means a really quick payback. NEW - Made in U.S.A. Mr. Shims Dial Indicator Alignment Tool Align sheaves, belts, pulleys with the accuracy of a laser at an affordable price . NO PLASTIC HERE for measurement tools, aluminum housing with hard coat anodized finish. Back of tool machined flat true to .0005". Durability: Wedge prisms position the laser line parallel to the machine back, making the laser line resistant to moving from dropping the tool. LASERS FOR LINE OF SIGHT Light is the straightest line. LASERS: Dot, Line, or Crosshairs. Priced in the hundreds of dollars. Target, sight, spotting machinery, positioning, layout, and pointing applications. Using eye visible beams. Anything use now to mark a straight line, wire, straight edge, is easier, faster, and more accurate with a laser. How good is the line of sight you're using? What can you do with a tool like this? You decide what is the best application for