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Waste Water Treatment & Oil Remediation Products | MYCELX home site map contact Find Solution by Industry Find Solution by Problem Hal Alper presents at 20th Annual American Filtration and Separations Society (AFS) Alper Article Published in "Marine Engineer's Review" and "Marine Propulsion" Magazines MYCELX Technologies Corporation Announces New Generation of Oil Water Separation Technology MYCELX Technologies Corporation has been issued thirteen patents encompassing composition of matter and applications for MYCELX chemistry. Two primary MYCELX compositions have been issued Chemical Abstract Services (CAS) numbers assigned to new compounds: 173967-80-1 and 173967-81-2. These patents are important because they embody novel properties and affinities previously not available in filtration technology thereby allowing optimization of existing systems and performance in areas previously inaccessible to pre-MYCELX filtration technology. MYCELX Technologies is dedicated to facilitating the creation of totally green and closed loop manufacturing and operations by enabling efficient removal of organic compounds from air and water. The broad applicability and need for unique MYCELX properties and performance has resulted in MYCELX Technologies Corporation being involved at the highest level of product and closed loop operations development across a broad spectrum of high-tech and manufacturing industries. STORMWATER TREATMENT MANAGES HIGH FLOWS FOR REFINERY IN SOUTHEAST The client has two refinery operations on the same property. Oil water separators (OWSs) treated the... > read more MYCELX AIR FILTERS REMOVE OILY MIST FROM AIR Air handling units located in the plant roof were so contaminated with oil that it was dripping down... > read more Air Filtration Systems Closed Loop System Commercial Marine Industrial Water Discharge and Ambient Air Quality in Manufacturing Facilities Hospital Intake Air Filtration CPS Air Filters S/S CompressorKleen Stop Airborne Oil Mist Closed Loop Treatment System Heat Exchangers Oily
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