Sonotec Application Notes
Nanopac, Inc.
4823 S Sheridian, Ste 302 
Tulsa OK Oklahoma
United States 74145
Phone: +1 918 665 0329, Fax: +1 918 582 5776
Tags: Disabilities Assistive Technology Computer Access
Disabilities Assistive Technology Computer Access
Products for the disabled - blindness, low vision, reading disabilities, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, blind, cataracts, vision impairment, visually impaired, vision, vision disability, vision disabilities, legally blind, deaf blind, hearing, deaf, dyslexia, dyslexic, quadriplegia, augmentative communications, accessibility, computer access, talking computer, computer speech, text to speech, adaptive technology, assistive technology, Americans with disabilities Act, spinal cord injury, carpal tunnel, repetitive stress injury, ALS, MS, MD, CP, cerebral palsy, handicapped, paralysis, ADA, disabilities, disabled, voice recognition, voice activated environmental controls, Freedom Scientific, ZoomText, MAGic, screen magification, screen readers, JAWS, JFW, JAWS for Windows, GW Micro, Window-Eyes, Window Eyes, Windoweyes, SenseView, Braille Sense, Voice Sense, Arkenstone, Open Book, Lunar, HAL, SuperNova, reading machines, reading machine, Vera, SARA, Kurzweil, WYNN, Duxbury, Megadots, NaturallySpeaking, Naturally Speaking, MobileSpeak, Piaf, DragonDictate, magnifiers, magnification, Enhanced Vision Systems, Video Magnifiers, Merlin, Merlin LCD, Merlin Plus, AcroBat, Acrobat Panel, Flipper, Flipper Panel, Jordy, Max, MaxPanel, FlipperPort, Maxport, Topaz, Opal, Optelec, Clearview, CCTV, Traveller, Portable magnifiers, Amigo, Nemo, Eschenbach, Compact, Humanware, Pulse Data, PocketViewer, Braille, Braille and Speak, Braille Lite, M20, M40, PAC Mate, PACMate, Type and Speak, Braille displays, Braille display, Focus, Power Braille, Refreshable Braille, Alva, Braille Voyager, Braillenote, Braille Note, Voicenote, Voice note, Trekker, Braille printers, Braille embosser, embossers, Blazie, Blazer, Versapoint, Enabling Technologies, Attache, ET, Romeo Pro, Juliet Pro, Romeo, Juliet, Mountbatten, Special Education, learning disabilities, DECtalk, environmental controls, Cintex4, Sicare, Tash, Buddy Button, Prentke Romich, Infrared Proximity Switch, Sip-Puff, Micro Light, Tongue Swi
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