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Acheson Industries for specialty coatings and lubricants * Home HOME SHE BUSINESS GROUPS WHATS NEW LOCATIONS CONTACT US LINKS CORPORATE LINKS SEARCH Worldwide Supplier of Quality Coatings and Lubricants Forging Lubricants Die Casting Lubricants Spray Application Equipment Automotive & Specialty Coatings CRT Coatings Additives and Specialty Lubricants Specialty Electrical Coatings Polymer Thick Film Conductive Inks Shielding Coatings Latest News added in the Whats New Section Monday January 22nd 2007 New Advanced Die Lubricant Dilution/Delivery System Acheson Introduces Dag? 1000 BL Reciprocator for Die Casting Machines New Ceramic Dry Film Protective Coating New water-based conductive inks on web New Conductive Coatings from Acheson Improve Lithium-Ion Batteries and Hydrogen Fuel Cells Introducing LowVOC,Corrosion Resistant Dry Film Lubricant Acheson is a global supplier of specialty electrical materials, specialty coatings, process lubricants, and lubricant application equipment. Our products can be found in countless applications throughout the electronics, automotive, aerospace, appliance, and other industries. We were founded in 1908 and have headquarters in Port Huron, Michigan, United States of America. Additional facilities are located in Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain and the United Kingdom. Some of our product names are Dag?, Molydag?, Emralon?, DeltacastT, DeltaforgeT , Electrodag?, Lumidag? and Minico? Acheson is an integral part of National Starch and Chemical Company and ICI plc. Questions or Comments about this site? Contact the Acheson Webmaster at The Acheson Logo is a trademark of National Starch and Chemical Company. All rights reserved. All contents Copyright ? 2007 . View Disclaimer | View Privacy Policy | EU Disclosure Requirement
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