Nemat International
33403 Western Ave 
Union City CA California
United States 94587
Phone: +1 510 487-8992, Fax: +1 510 487 8776
Manufacturer and distributor of Indian attars, perfume oils, essential oils and absolutes, incense, and scented consumer products. Manufactures innovative fragrance products for consumers and industries such as candles, soaps and florist.
Nemat International Inc - Wholesale Indian Attars and Perfume oils, Essential oils and floral absolute, Glass bottles, and Incense. NEMAT INTERNATIONAL, INC . A Unique Blend of Tradition, Art and Science WELCOME TO A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF FRAGRANCES SM Attars and fragrances from India FOR RETAIL STORES We offer a wide range of packaged products that you can present to your customers. Exotic Fragrances From India Available in 2.5ml, 5ml and 10ml packaging. Wholesale prices are very affordable: $2.50 for 2.5ml perfume bottles, $4.00 for 5ml and $7.00 for 10ml perfume bottles. A wooden Point of purchase tester is available FREE with an initial order of $150.00 or more. We can also provide a clear acrylic display shelf for holding and displaying the perfume bottles. Aromatherapy Essential Oils. Pure and Natural Steam distilled Essential oils packaged in attractive 1/2oz Cobalt blue bottles. Clean Burning Charcoal Incense Sticks - A wide selection of clean burning charcoal incense sticks. The incense sticks come packaged in boxes holding about 40 sticks. Perfume Bottles, glass vials and Perfume atomizers A large selection of decorative perfume bottles that will delight your customers. Select from sizes as small as 0.03 oz to 12 oz sizes. Purchase online at FOR MANUFACTURERS AND WHOLESALERS You can use our products to create your own Product lines Exotic Fragrance Line - Over 200 truly unique fragrances from India. Choose from traditional Indian Attars and new innovative creations. Fragrances are divided into the following categories - Traditional Indian attars and perfume oils, Earthy and herbal, Musk & Amber, and floral fragrances Perfume Bottles, Perfume atomizers, roll on bottles and glass vials A large selection of perfume bottles to package fragrances or essential oils. Decorative fancy glass bottles are also available. Purchase online at Wholesale Pure and Natural Essential oils A large selection of high quality steam distilled essential oils. These oils are available in quan