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Newport Industrial Glass Inc.
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Stanton CA California
United States 90680
Phone: +1 714 645 1500, Fax: +1 714 645 6800
NEWPORT GLASS WORKS, LTD. & NEWPORT INDUSTRIAL GLASS, INC., AQUATIC OPTICS, INC., TUBING AND ROD DIVISION (fka HACKER GLASS COMPANY), TELESCOPE KITS, TELESCOPE MIRRORS, OPTICAL GLASS, MOLDED GLASS BLANKS, GLASS BENDING, PRESCRIPTION DIVING LENSES & SAGGING, COLORED FILTER GLASS, FUSED SILICA & QUARTZ, BK7, SECONDARY MIRRORS, GRINDING, PYREX TUBING, PYREX ROD, GLASS ALCHEMY COLORED ROD, & PYREX TUBULAR SIGHT GLASS, NORTHSTAR BOROCOLOUR RODS, COLORED FILTER GLASS, VYCOR, TEMPERING, POLISHING COMPOUNDS, TECHNICAL BOOKS Capabilities & Services | Materials | Applications | Customer Service Hotline Astronomical Products Online Astronomy Catalog Telescope Mirror Starter Kits Secondary Mirror Aquatic Optics Products Prescription Diving Mask Lenses Prescription Laser Protective Lenses, Prescription Welders Lenses Tubular & General Sight Glasses Pyrex Tubular Sight Glass Pyrex Sight Glass Windows, Pyrex Gage Glass Molded Optical & Commerical Glass Blanks Optical Glass Compendium (250 types) Colored Glass Filter - Hoya, Kopp, Schott, Corning and other brands Glass & Optical Material Fused Silica and Fused Quartz material - Commerical, Optical, UV and IR grades Tempering - Thermal and Chemical Glass Tubing, Rod & Lamp Working Paraphernalia Glass for the Arts & Custom Made Corporate Awards Specialty Products PYROCERAM for Fireplace and Wood Burning Stove Infrared Filters for Night Vision Cameras HOW TO GRIND & POLISH A LENS GRIT SIZES CONVERSION CHART GRINDING, POLISHING AND FIGURING - THIN TELESCOPE MIRROR: PART I GRINDING, POLISHING AND FIGURING - THIN TELESCOPE MIRROR: PART II HOW TO ORDER Our operations have expanded to include Aquatic Optics which provides corrective diving lenses and a new division (fka the Hacker Glass Company) that encompasses Corning's Pyrex 7740 tubing and rod products, colored glass rods (made by North Star and Glass Alchemy) and other flame working supplies. These operations have been combined with our historical activities of providing molded optical and Pyrex glass blanks, optical and finished g
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