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Ney Products
269 Freeman St 
Brooklyn NY New York
United States 11222
Phone: +1 718 383 9700
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WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE Call us at: 1(718) 389-4900 or Fax us at: 1(718) 342-5123 PAGE DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION Ney Metals & Alloys CALL US TOLL FREE IN THE USA AT 1(800) 777-7NEY Please enable Java Script if you cannot see the Time and Temperature in NYC shown in the box above! NEY METALS A BRIEF OVERVIEW Founded in Europe in the mid-1800's, NEY has over 130 years of experience providing superior service to all trades using non-ferrous, white metal alloys and products. We have prepared this website to acquaint you with the wide variety of alloys available, usually for same day shipping. We offer consulting services, where we can customize your product needs, to meet specific product qualification and cost allowances. Our experience with a wide variety of manufacturing techniques allows us to assist you in all areas of your production. Since we can supply thousands of alloys and products, as well as manufacture custom blended alloys, many of our products will not be found at this site. Please call us toll free for a quick quote on any of your white metal needs not found here! (Sorry! We do not fabricate or cast wholesale or retail items, however, we sell worldwide and one of our customers may just be able to help! Call us for more info.) KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ? Click on our Request for Quote or Info Request Form We do not publish a price list for many of our products, because raw material commodity costs change on a daily basis. We offer the best possible quote at time of NOT SURE WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR ? You may also Search our entire Website for product names or descriptions. ENTER THE KEY WORD (OR SET OF WORDS) BELOW TO DO A LIVE SEARCH WITHIN OUR WEBSITE! Search for: NOT SURE WHAT WE MANUFACTURE? I f it is made from "Non-Ferrous" White Metal Alloys, (e.g Tin, Zinc, Pewter) we probably can help! Please browse our entire Website for detailed information or call us! Here is a partial list of our product line: Antimony, Aluminum Solder, Babbitt, Black Rubber Molds, Bismuth