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North Star Marketing - Lancaster, PA | Central, PA - Marketing | Branding | Public Relations | Web Design | Sales Consulting So tell me, why should I buy your brand? Oh, you have quality products, great customer service, and a long list of satisfied clients that give you gushing, over-the-top reviews. Wow, that seems impressive. But guess what? Your competition just told me that 10 minutes ago. Sorry, no sale here. Let's try again — Tell me, how is your brand UNIQUE? Maybe you have... special hours? door-to-door delivery? exclusive, state-of-the-art technology? complimentary breakfast? on-site technicians? squeaky-clean bathrooms? one-of-a kind flavor? celebrity clientele? special certification? a dancing panda bear mascot? Ok, now we’re talking. I might actually want to buy from you now. Being unique gets attention, and getting attention means sales. Now say you don’t know what makes your brand unique. Don’t feel bad. Most companies don’t have a clue. That’s where we come in. Here at North Star Marketing we discover what makes your customers buy from you. That’s the secret to unearthing how your brand is Unique . Want to learn more? Look around, then call or email us. We’ll make you Unique in no time. services | brand specialists | clients | portfolio | news/events | in depth | contact us | home © North Star Marketing Inc. • 717-392-6982 • • sitemap