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NovaLynx Corporation
PO Box 240 
Grass Valley CA California
United States 95945
Phone: +1 530 823 7185, Fax: +1 530 823 8997
Tags: Earth Sciences Meteorology
Manufacturer of weather monitoring instruments including tipping bucket rain gauges, anemometers, evaporation pans and sensors, and modular weather stations.
NovaLynx Corporation - Professional Quality Meteorological Instruments and Weather Stations Home . Products . Feedback . Lynx . Contact Us . Search . Shopping Cart . Blog NovaLynx Corporation Weather Monitoring Instruments and Systems NovaLynx is an industry leader in the design, fabrication, and integration of meteorological systems. Using the best possible combination of meteorological sensors, signal conditioning, and data acquisition technologies, we can build a custom weather station to meet your exact requirements. We specialize in rugged equipment, suitable for industrial applications, that provides the accuracy required by scientific researchers and weather professionals. We offer several popular weather station packages. The WS-16 Modular Weather Station is a user-friendly station that provides professional quality at an economical price. Its modular design makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. The WS-18 Portable Weather Station is a complete system housed in a weatherproof case, weighing about 20 pounds, and can be deployed in less than five minutes without the use of tools. Applications include hazmat/emergency management situations, fire management, and temporary meteorological surveys. Both of these stations are compatible with CAMEO/ALOHA Plume Modeling Software. We carry a complete line of high quality weather instruments including rain and snow gauges, anemometers and wind vanes, evaporation pans and sensors, drum recording instruments such as hygrothermographs and barographs, and electronic sensor technologies. Our product data sheets are available online for easy reading and printing, or you can download our full catalog in PDF format (12.5MB 229 pages). Please let us know if you have any questions about our products. We look forward to hearing from you! Barometric Pressure Evaporation Power Supplies Relative Humidity Surge Protection Upper Air Weather Stations Data Acquisition Lightning Detection Rain Gauges Signal Conditioning Temperature Visibility Wind Sensors Displays Pens Clocks
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